The upper lip tends to suffer changes with ageing, both due to loss of volume and dehydration, as well as the distance from the base of the nose to the upper edge of the lip, as it tends to lengthen, which means that when the mouth is opened, the upper teeth are covered, creating a more senile appearance.

Surgery can correct the signs of ageing of the upper lip, and it is called upper lip lifting, augmentation, or lip lift in English. The aesthetics of the mouth have an influence on the balance of the face, and the proportion of the upper lip often has an influence on the smile and a youthful appearance.


Patients showing signs of ageing of the upper lip with lengthening of the distance between the nasal base and the edge of the lip.


The surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic and is an out-patient procedure.

A piece of skin is normally removed from just beneath the base of the nose, leaving a hidden scar on the natural folds of the face.


The performance of this type of procedure should be done by a plastic surgeon with experience in facial surgery.


This type of procedure should be performed in a medical centre approved for out-patient surgery or in a hospital that meets all of the sanitary requirements.

Dr. Ospina is fully aware of this and that is why he performs all of his surgeries in the surgery rooms of the Hospitals of San Roque, as it gives him the reassurance of safety that he wants for his patients.


After surgery, the patient must carry out basic home care, such as cleansing of wounds and using different topical ointments. The patient must sleep face up and with the head of their bed elevated during the first week. Application of ice helps to reduce inflammation. The patient must avoid eating very hot foods.


To be able to return to normal life, 7 days are normally necessary, as it allows the inflammation and hematomas to disappear. To be able to play sports, the patient must progressively reintroduce exercise after the third week has elapsed.


Results can be appreciated immediately; the scar diminishes after the first month.


Although rare, they are normally related to prolonged inflammatory processes, or alterations of sensitivity of the skin. However, they normally resolve themselves after a few weeks.

The aesthetic value of the lips does not solely depend on volume, but also the proportions