Dr.Jaime Ospina
Plastic surgery -
  • StudiesGraduate in Medicine at the University of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
  • Specializations
    • Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery medical degree by the Universitary Hospital of Santiago de Compostela
    • Fellowship of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
    • Aesthetic and Anti-aging medicine Master by the Complutense University of Madrid
    • Rhinoplasty fellowship by Rinoistambul
  • Work Experience
    • Plastic Surgeon in the HM Modelo Hospital of A Coruña (2016)
    • Chief of department of Plastic, reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in Hospitales Universitarios San Roque of Las Palmas (2016 - Actuality)
    • Plastic Surgeon in Tres Ramblas Medical Center (2016-2017)

Dr. Jaime Ospina, Colombian by birth and Canarian by adoption, has been a doctor by vocation for as long as he can remember. After achieving his dream of starting a career in medicine, he very quickly discovered his love for plastic surgery, arousing great curiosity about the history of it and its beginnings in Spain, putting his eyes on Dr. Jaime Planas, founder of the school and prestigious clinic ‘Planas de Barcelona’, birthplace of the aesthetic in our country in the 80s.

After finishing his degree in medicine at the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, he moved to Santiago de Compostela to complete his MIR training (formal medical training), and to specialise in plastic surgery. During that period, he completed his training in reconstructive surgery with placements in prestigious national hospitals such as the Vall d´Hebron in Barcelona, Hospital de la Paz in Madrid, and Hospital de Son Espases in Mallorca. He also expanded his microsurgical training in international hospitals such as the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan.

In addition, he obtained European approval for his specialist title, being a Fellowship of the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery.

In the aesthetics department, one of his passions, he has been in continuous training since he began his specialization, being a resident of the clinic ‘Planas de Barcelona’ and obtaining his fellowship in aesthetic surgery at that same centre. Later on, he travelled to Turkey to do a fellowship in rhinoplasty, his preferred surgery. And in recent years, he has carried out an annual internship in Colombia, one of the birthplaces of world cosmetic surgery today and doctor’s native country, where he has great Friends and teachers.

After beginning his career as a plastic surgeon and aesthetician in the Canary Islands, he furthered his training in aesthetic medicine, obtaining a master in aesthetic medicine at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid.

One of his characteristics is his commitment to continuous learning, since knowing new and innovative techniques is a priority, since medicine and plastic surgery are a science in constant evolution and that therefore requires continuous updating. Thanks to his commitment to continuous improvement, he can offer his patients the latest and most advanced aesthetic treatments.

It is worth noting that in his career, he was one of the pioneers in the Canary Islands in initiating the ultrasonic rhinoplasty technique brought from Turkey, as well as more modern body contouring techniques such as power-assisted liposculpture and improvements in the buttock augmentation technique, with fatty tissue that he has brought from Colombia.

His high level of demand with himself and his extensive training have led him to be responsible for the plastic, restorative, and aesthetic surgery service at the Hospitales Universitarios San Roque since 2016, with a high demand for his services, for which he consciously prepares, with great respect and commitment to give the best of himself, driven by passion and enthusiasm to carry out the profession he always dreamed of.

He remains vital and balanced thanks to a philosophy of life and work where it is essential to set an example and stay in full physical and psychological condition to offer the maximum performance in his profession.

He tries to adapt his knowledge and perception of medicine and aesthetic surgery to his patients, with security, trusts and honesty so that the results help to improve the quality of life of the people who come to him, always carrying out personalised treatments, informing his patients of all the details and making sure that they understand how the process is carried out to obtain the best results possible, by accompanying them at all times.

He combines his work as a surgeon with that of a university professor, with the hope of helping in the training of future health professionals, so that they can develop their profession and thus, continue to provide benefits and health to the population.