Araceli Urriza
Friendly and exceptional treatment. We listen to what YOU want. After bariatric surgery and massive weight loss as a result of it, I was left with a lot of excess skin. I got treatment on my breasts, arms, thighs and abdomen, changing my priorities for my wishes to be a mother in the future. She empathised and looked for a way to make me happy and that’s how it was. Very grateful and I recommend it 100%.
Cristina Regalado
Excellent professional, very meticulous, patient and a perfectionist, as well as exquisite treatment. He wanted a very natural result and he captured the concept like no one else, and that was the result. He knows how to enhance natural beauty without going too far, something complicated in aesthetic medicine. 100% recommended.
Vanessa Segura
My name is Vanessa, I had surgery with Doctor Jaime Ospina 1 year ago. I did not trust cosmetic surgery since I had a previous operation that had failed, but thanks to him I trust again since he left me better than I expected as a Doctor, he is a great professional and as a person I recommend him 100 percent.
In my case, I had a secondary otoplasty, since after the first procedure, I was not happy with the result. This time I got the result that I always wanted and also, the postoperative period was quite pleasant, painless and was without complications. I would definitely put myself in his hands again.
Raquel González
When I got to the consultation I was very clear about what I was looking for but not how to get it. Doctor Ospina guided me with all the possibilities and recommended the best option for me. The result was much better than I expected, the operation was great and I have not had pain at all.
Michel Bueno
I had never considered breast augmentation until my second pregnancy. I chose Dr. Ospina, because I thought he was honest, but even more importantly, he made me feel safe and all my worries disappeared. Ospina spent a lot of time on my case, both before and after, and it hit the nail on the head, as the result is just what I wanted.
After surgery and several touch-ups where I did not obtain the results I expected, I met Dr. J. Ospina. As soon as I went into the consultation I sensed his empathy, his friendly treatment and his vocation. I decided to put myself in his “magic” hands with total confidence and guarantee … the result is unbeatable. From that moment until today, it has been there. It restored my confidence in surgery and in myself. Doctor, you are very important to me.
Marta Medina
After several years looking for the right person to improve the appearance of my lips, I decided to go to the consultation with Dr. Jaime Ospina. Emphasizing the expected and professional treatment. The doctor very kindly attends to my needs in all appointments. I will certainly continue to be your patient for a long time. Thank you again.
Natacha S.V.
Human and very professional treatment, knows how to understand what one is looking for and offers the best solution, jointly evaluating the options and physical conditions. I had been operated on with another doctor and I went to Dr Ospina to solve a problem with my implants. Perfect result, the best postoperative and follow-up. If I get a procedure again, I would undoubtedly do so with Dr Ospina.
A decision as important as having surgery required the choice of a high level professional, which I found in Doctor Jaime Ospina. Personalised care, friendliness, concern for their patients and perfectionism in their work. The key for me to decide to put me in his hands.
For years, the idea of having chest surgery was on my mind, but when I met Jaime I felt that it was the perfect moment and the right Doctor. It’s been 6 months and I can’t feel more confident and happy that I did. He is a great professional and a great person. Excellent result. Very beautiful and natural.
After deciding that I wanted to have surgery on my chest, I visited three surgeons in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, after meeting Ospina I had no doubts. From the first moment, he gave me a lot of professionalism and above all confidence and friendliness. He had many doubts about different aspects, however, he knew how to ask about my expectations in order for me to be satisfied. After the operation, the treatment and care was excellent, he was always very attentive throughout the recovery process and, also, the result was better than I expected.
Jesús Adonay Armas
I went to Dr. Ospina to improve my body, he did a mini tummy tuck with liposculpture and fat transfer to the pectorals! I am happy and satisfied with my big change, it has helped me to be happier and I can only thank the whole team! I recommend it to you, as it will help you solve your problems like I have done. Thank you very much and especially for the care and affection that you give to your patients, you are unique and you give a lot of confidence to us!
My name is Elena, in 2018 I had a tummy tuck operation by Dr. Jaime Ospina, it was the best decision I have made, I had a horrible tummy, it was hard for me to go to the beach with friends or put on a blouse that showed my navel a bit, awful….now most of my cloest is full of blouses. It changed my life, thank you very much, great professional and great person. Recommended without hesitation.