Pressotherapy treatment consists of the use of a medical device, which massages lymphatic drainage in the lower limbs and abdomen. This is achieved by cyclical compression-decompression movements, which generate the suctioning and stimulation of the opening of the lymphatic channels, which in turn stimulates the drainage of the lymph and the retained fluid.

All of this translates into a reduction in the contour of the limbs, as it reduces the retained fluid and in addition, gives the patient a feeling of lighter and more agile legs, together with the aesthetic result of greater definition. It is a common therapy in the post-operative period of contour surgeries, to quickly help eliminate retained fluid and inflammation.


Anyone who feels heavy legs, whether that be due to circulatory problems that increase fluid retention, or patients who spend many hours standing and have tired legs, or even for athletes as a post-load recovery treatment.


To perform the treatment, the patient is placed into pneumatic compression boots that range from the feet to the abdomen. The patient lies on the table with the device operating for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. It is not a painful or uncomfortable treatment, so much so that many patients fall asleep while the machine performs the treatment.


No special aftercare is required. The sessions are established according to the needs of each patient.


The return to normality is immediate, so there is no need for special preparation to undergo the treatment.


The results are summative and progressive, depending a lot on the starting point where the patient came from. Pressotherapy is a complementary treatment to surgeries or simply used as a rest or recovery therapy.