Enlargement or reduction of the labia majora of the vagina


The size and shape of the labia majora have an aesthetic value, since the lack of volume due to atrophy of these, as well as flaccidity with excess skin, are signs of aging that are related to les pleasure when it comes to intimate relationships.

This surgery consists of rejuvenating the area, to give it a smoother and more youthful appearance, improving the relationships of the patient.


Anyone who presents signs of aging of their labia majora and those who wish to rejuvenate them.


The surgery is performed under local anaesthetic or sedation. Two procedures are usually performed, which can be performed together depending on each case:

            Reduction of labia majora: This is performed when a patient presents flaccidity with excess skin. In this case, the excess skin is removed.

            Enlarged volume of labia majora: In the case of atrophy and deflation, the labia are filled with fatty tissue to make them more turgid.


This type of procedure must be performed like a plastic surgeon with experience in intimate surgery and fat grafts.


This type of procedure must be performed in an operating room approved for minor outpatient surgery, or in a hospital, depending on the type of anaesthetic which is used.


After surgery, the patient must perform basic care at home, such as the application of various ointments, as well as frequent washing of the area whilst taking care to not leave the area moist. Garments that compress the area should be avoided.


It only takes 7 days for the patient to return to normality. To resume intimate relationships, the patient should wait 1 to 2 months.


The results are immediate. Smoother and more perky labia majora are appreciated.


Rare. Poor healing may happen, and the requirement of more fat graft placements may be needed.