Very large breasts, by definition, are also sagging. Having a disproportionate chest can cause the patient both mechanical problems in the vertebrae, such as back pain, discomfort when playing sports or dressing, as well as serious self-esteem problems.

The surgery reduces the size of the breast to one that is in harmony with the patient’s body, in addition to repositioning it in a higher position. Therefore, any breast reduction also entails a breast lift.

In my experience, it is a surgery that should not be delayed out of fear since the quality of life gained by the patient after it is very important. Therefore, if you are thinking about it, go to a consultation to clear your doubts and read the testimonies of other patients.


The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, that is, you will be asleep, and you will not be aware of anything during the intervention. In surgery, excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin that the chest presents are removed, in addition to repositioning it in a higher and more harmonious position in the chest. The size of the areola is also reduced.

The scar is generally in the shape of an inverted T or anchor, since in my experience it is the one that provides a superior aesthetic result, giving a rounder breast and with less risk of sagging again over time.

As we know that scars are an issue that especially concerns you, the surgical technique is very precise in terms of closing the wounds so that they generate a good scar. We use high-quality suture materials to avoid unnecessary inflammatory reactions. In addition, Dr. Ospina will closely monitor your evolution, to gradually add therapies that improve the quality of your scars from the beginning.

After the surgery and depending on the difficulty of the case, the patient can go home the same day or stay in the hospital until the next morning. It is not a particularly painful surgery, so with home medical treatment, recovery will be very fast.


Dr. Ospina will assess you in consultation and after knowing your case the size of the new breast, that is, the amount of volume to be reduced, will be chosen with you, depending on your wishes and your anatomy. The size is usually chosen according to the patient’s body, so that the result is consistent. On one hand removing the problems due to volume, but on the other leaving a beautiful and balanced breast. The technique that I carry out allows me not to remove the volume until the end of the surgery and to be very precise in the size of the breast at the end of the surgery.


Before the intervention, it is important to avoid tobacco consumption four weeks before and not to consume any type of medication without consulting us. You should rest and eat well the days before so that you are the best prepared for the surgery. You should not be very dark, as it can negatively influence the evolution of the scar.
After your surgery, we will give you all the written instructions regarding medication and care that you should have, as well as what you cannot do. The first days you may notice discomfort, tightness, and some areas with altered sensitivity, but all this will disappear as the days go by. To return to your work, it will depend a lot on the type of surgery performed and the job you have. We will discuss it in consultation, and we will indicate the periods.


You will be able to do most of your usual activities from the third day, although the full recovery time is usually two weeks. Most of the cures can be done at home, simply by putting antiseptic on the wounds and changing the gauze. You will not have bandages, only a bra that we will indicate in the consultations.

On the other hand, we do not leave drains, so we will not have to remove them. In addition, most stitches are absorbable and internal, so we will not have to remove stitches either.

To start physical activity, you will have to wait a month. You will not be able to drive nor make any efforts for the first two weeks. The inflammation usually lasts two or three weeks, but the discomfort usually subsides after the third day.


There are different breast reduction techniques, some of which allow you to maintain lactation. Depending on the case and the age of the patient, the technique to be performed will be chosen.


This type of intervention must be performed by a plastic surgeon with experience in breast surgery. Dr. Ospina has a lot of experience in breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty, having worked for many years treating patients with breast hypertrophy up to 5kg. In addition, he dedicates part of his surgical activity to breast reconstruction, which gives him a great knowledge of the anatomy and shape of the breast.


This type of intervention must be performed in a hospital that meets all health requirements and has an intensive care unit. Cosmetic surgery is a very regulated surgery with fewer complications, but in case they appear, it is essential to have the support of a good hospital. Hence, low-cost surgeries try to save money on this and are performed in small clinics where these safety conditions are not covered.