Breast augmentation is a surgical intervention that seeks to transform and improve the shape of the breast. To do this, its size and shape are increased and modified by using silicone prostheses. The use of implants of certified and recognized brands is essential to avoid long-term complications.


This surgery can be performed on any patient who has finished their breast development (generally between the ages of 16-18). Although we recommend it to be done from the adulthood as it is expected that the patient will have a maturity to make the decision and understand the change it implies. It can be done in all those patients who have little or no development of their mammary glands, who have asymmetries to correct them or breasts with aberrant shapes such as the tuberous breast.


The surgery takes place under general anesthesia for safety. The main thing for us is your safety and that is guaranteed by general anesthesia. You will fell asleep at the beginning of the surgery and wake up at the end of it, without remembering anything and without having felt any pain. The implant is inserted through a small incision that can be in the sub mammary sulcus or in the areola and this is previously discussed with the patient in the consultation. Generally, the patient stays in the hospital for 1 night, but it is also possible to go home the same day in the afternoon.


After breast augmentation surgery, multiple different results can be obtained. All of which will depend on several factors, with the most important being the patient’s previous anatomy, but also influenced by the choice of the type and size of the implant, as well as the surgical technique. You can get a completely natural and body-friendly result, which does not look like having been operated on, but also obtaining a result with a striking voluptuousness and looking more artificial but beautiful. It all depends on the result that the patient wants. My mission is to advise you in order to obtain your result, with the minimum risks and long-term complications.


Before the intervention, it is important to avoid tobacco consumption 4 weeks before. In addition to not consuming any type of medication without consulting us. You will have to rest and eat well the previous days so that you are the best prepared for the surgery. You should not be very tanned, as it can negatively influence the evolution of the scar.
After your surgery, we will give you all the written instructions regarding medication and care that you must have, as well as what you cannot do. The first few days you will notice discomfort, tightness and some areas with altered sensitivity, but all this will fade with each passing day. To rejoin your job, it will depend a lot on the type of surgery performed and the job you have. We will discuss it in consultation, and we will indicate the periods.


As for recovery, it takes about 3-4 weeks and we could divide it into 2 parts. The first month, in which all activity of efforts or the driving of vehicles should be avoided. A second part in which the activity is reintroduced in a progressive and controlled way. In addition, depending on where the implant is placed, if it is below or above the pectoral muscle, some of the periods and care may vary. In consultation we will provide you with all the details. Post-surgical cloths should be used in the manner and period indicated to improve the results of your surgery.


This type of intervention must be carried out by a plastic surgeon with experience in breast surgery. Dr. Ospina dedicates part of his surgical activity to breast reconstruction, which gives him a great knowledge of the anatomy and shape of the breast. Although people tend to play down this surgery, a bad result can be devastating in a young woman who has a complex. Hence the importance of choosing a good surgeon.


This type of intervention must be performed in a hospital that meets all health requirements and has an intensive care unit. Cosmetic surgery is a very regulated surgery with fewer complications, but in case they appear, it is essential to have the support of a good hospital. Hence, low-cost surgeries try to save money on this and are performed in small clinics where these safety conditions are not covered.


Currently, implants do not need to be replaced from time to time, as they are under lifetime warranty and the cohesiveness of the silicone gels used is of the latest generation. Even so, replacement may be required in the case of any complication such as rupture, capsular contracture, displacement or simply that the patient wishes to change them for a bigger size or withdraw them after some time.


Breast augmentation surgery is a very safe surgery, with a surgical technique that has been greatly improved and refined in recent years, greatly reducing complications, which only appear in less than 2-3% of cases. We use the “no touch” technique that minimizes surgical contact, avoiding long-term complications such as capsular contracture.

“My work philosophy in breast surgery is different, it is based on ethics and honesty. I like to explain to the patient all the advantages and disadvantages of the decisions that are made, to give her a natural and personalized result, but above all we choose a surgery based on science and modern techniques and implants, so that the result is long-lasting, avoiding future complications ”Dr. J. Ospina