Hybrid breast enlargement is a combination of surgical techniques, which aims to obtain a more natural, physiological result, with extra added benefits, unlike the classic breast enlargement technique.

When a breast enlargement is done, a silicone prosthesis is placed either under the mammary gland (subglandular plane) or under the pectoral muscle (submuscular plane). The choice of placement of the implant is made based on several parameters:

  • The thickness of the patient’s tissue: If it is very thin, the submuscular placement is usually chosen, as it provides more coverage and the implant is less palpable, avoiding the risk of rippling in the neckline and giving a more natural look.
  • The preferences and lifestyle of the patient: I usually try to avoid the submuscular plane in patients who need the entire pectoral muscle for sports activity.
  • In patients with very saggy skin: Since the skin can sag over time, it is better for the implant to descend with the breast, This is done in the subglandular plane, since in the submuscular plane, the prosthesis remains fixed.

I use the submuscular plane very regularly and with hardly any complications when indicated. However, the hybrid technique enables the expansión of the pointers of the subglandular plane, by increasing the thickness of the skin of the patient with fatty tissue grafts. This has the following advantages:

  • Recovery from subglandular enlargement is faster and less painful
  • Lower risk of dynamic breast (the prosthesis can move with the contractions of the pectoral muscle).
  • We can damage the pectoral muscle. This is more relevant for athletes.
  • The placement of fatty tissue grafts allows the breast to be shaped according to the need of the patient, so I can correct numerous deformities and asymmetries
  • Notable improvement in cleavage by reducing the separation between the breasts.
  • Fatty tissue is obtained through liposuction. I usually offer my patients the option of combining breast enlargement with liposculpture, since the improvement in the female figure is more impressive this way.
  • The subglandular plane enables future reoperations if necessary.
  • It is ideal in case of tuberous breasts.


This surgery can be performed on any patient who has completed their breast development (usually between the ages of 16 and 18). Although we recommend that it be carried out from legal age, since the patient is expected to have a certain maturity to make the decision and understand the change it implies. It can be performed in all patients who have little or no development of their mammary glands, who have asymmetries to correct them or breasts with aberrant shapes such as tuberous breasts.


The surgery takes place under general anesthesia for safety. The main thing for us is your safety and that is guaranteed with general anaesthesia. In this, you will fall asleep at the beginning of the surgery and wake up at the end of the surgery, without remembering anything and without having felt any pain. The implant is inserted through a small incision that is usually located in the submammary groove, the approach route is previously discussed with the patient in the consultation. Generally, the patient stays in the hospital for 1 night, but it is also possible that she will go home the same day in the afternoon.

As well as operating on the breast area, a liposuction will be performed to obtain the fatty tissue, which is later processed for its infiltration. More or less, liposuction may be large, depending on the result we are looking for, so only the fat necessary for the breast can be removed, or liposculpture may be performed to improve the silhouette of the patient.



After a hybrid breast enlargement surgery, a very natural and balanced result is expected with the patient’s body. The result will depend on several factors, the most important being the patient’s previous anatomy, but influenced by the choice of, the type and size of the implant. A completely natural result can be obtained according to the patient’s body, so it doesn’t look like it has been operated on, such as obtaining a result with striking voluptuousness. It all depends on the outcome the patient wants. My mission is to advise you to be able to get your result, with the minimum risks and long-term complications.


Before the operation, it is important to avoid tobacco consumption 4 weeks before. Aswell as not consuming any type of medication without consulting with us. You should rest and eat well the days before so that you are the best prepared for the surgery. You should not be very tanned, as it can negatively influence the development of the scar.

After your surgery, we will give you all the written instructions regarding medication and care that you should have, as well as what you cannot do. During the first few days, you may notice discomfort, tightness and some areas that are more sensitive, but all this will disappear as the days go by. For going back to work, it will depend a lot on the type of surgery performed and the job you have. We will discuss it in the consultation and we will indicate the steps.


As for the recovery, it takes about 3-4 weeks and we could divide it into 2 parts. For the first month, all strenuous activity or driving should be avoided. For the second part, activity is reintroduced in a progressive and controlled way. Also, depending on where the implant is placed, if it is below or above the pectoral muscle, sometimes the care may vary, in the consultation, we will provide you with all the details. Post-surgical clothes should be worn in the manner and time indicated to improve the results of your surgery.


The performance of this type of intervention should be performed by a plastic surgeon with experience in breast surgery. Dr. Ospina dedicates part of his surgical activity to breast reconstruction, which gives him great knowledge of the anatomy and shape of the breast. Although people tend to play down this surgery, a poor result can be devastating in a young woman who has insecurities. Hence the importance of choosing a good surgeon.

We are also pioneers in this technique in the Canary Islands, having more than 5 years of experience performing it.


This type of intervention must be performed in a hospital that meets all health requirements. As well as having an intensive care unit. Cosmetic surgery is a very regulated surgery with few complications, but if these appear, it is essential to have the support of a good hospital. So, low-cost surgeries save on this and are performed in small clinics where these safety conditions are not covered.


Currently, implants do not need to be replaced from time to time, as they are guaranteed for life and the cohesiveness of the silicone gels used is state of the art. Even so, replacement may be required in case of complications such as rupture, capsular contraction, displacement or simply if the patient wants to change them for another size or remove them after a while.


Breast augmentation surgery is a very safe surgery, with a surgical technique that has been greatly improved and refined in recent years, greatly reducing complications, which only appear in less than 2-3% of cases. We use the “no touch” technique that minimises surgical contact, avoiding long-term complications such as capsular contraction.

My work philosophy in breast surgery is different, it is based on ethics and honesty, I like to explain all the advantages and disadvantages of the decisions made to the patient, giving her a natural and personalised result, but above all we choose a surgery based on science, modern techniques and implants, so that the result is long-lasting, avoiding future complications ”Dr. J. Ospina