The breast lift or mastopexy, is the surgery that reposition the fallen breast in a more elevated and aesthetic position. This fall is usually caused by aging, after pregnancy, after significant weight loss or after the removal of silicone implants.


The surgery is carried out under general anesthesia. It is usually ambulatory as it is not a particularly painful surgery. During the intervention, the breast tissues are mobilized, and excess skin is removed, without removing volume, only the excess skin. The scars that are generated generally depend on the degree of fall that the patient presents, and can range from a scar around the areola, to an inverted T-shaped scar.

With this surgery, a rounder chest is obtained, positioned where it should and giving a longer thorax appearance as it concentrates the volume in the upper part of the thorax and not in the abdomen. Therefore, it is a surgery that stylizes the figure of the patient.

In cases where the patient has a sagging breast, but without volume, it can be complemented with the placement of silicone or fat implants, in addition to having the breast in place, having it larger and fuller at the top.


There are various techniques that can preserve breastfeeding. Each case is always evaluated and the most convenient technique for the patient is chosen.


Before the intervention, it is important to avoid tobacco consumption four weeks before and not to consume any type of medication without consulting us. You should rest and eat well the days before so that you are the best prepared for the surgery. You should not be very tanned, as it can negatively influence the evolution of the scar.

After your surgery, we will give you all the written instructions regarding medication and care that you should have, as well as what you cannot do. The first days you may notice discomfort, tightness, and some areas with altered sensitivity, but all this will disappear as the days go by. To return to your job it will depend a lot on the type of surgery performed and the job you have. We will discuss it in consultation, and we will indicate the periods.


The usual period is two weeks. It is not considered a painful surgery. You must use the indicated compression garments and keep a relative rest. You can do sports after a month.

As for scars, we will indicate several protocols for their care and eventually get to hide them over time. In addition, during the follow-up of your surgery we will monitor the scars closely, in order to indicate other treatments such as CO2 laser or infiltrations with growth factors, microbotox or corticosteroids, if necessary.


This type of intervention must be performed by a plastic surgeon with experience in breast surgery. Dr. Ospina has extensive experience in breast surgery, but also dedicates part of his surgical activity to breast reconstruction, which gives him a great knowledge of the anatomy and shape of the breast.


This type of intervention must be performed in a hospital that meets all health requirements and has an intensive care unit. Cosmetic surgery is a very regulated surgery with fewer complications, but in case they appear, it is essential to have the support of a good hospital. Hence, low-cost surgeries try to save money on this and are performed in small clinics where these safety conditions are not covered.